Guided tours for pre-booked groups

Our guided tours
We offer both guided tours with guides in historic garments during daytime and dramatized evening tours for pre-booked groups. On this page you can read about our tours and see quotation of prices.


The renaissance tour
The renaissance tour is our classic tour of the castle. A guide dressed in historic garments representing one of the royalities from the Vasa-family takes you along for a historic tour in the castle. The royalty guides you through the royal suites, the festive hall and the church, talks about how people lived in the castle and tells stories from their own lives.

The fortress of Vadstena

In this tour the focus lies upon the castle as a fortress. Supreme commander Peder Ribbing guides you through parts of the fortress and talks about the defence and the story of the besetment by the Danish in the year of 1567.


Dramatized evening tours

We also offer dramatized tours in the evening for those who wants more of a show. In these tours the guides brings the history of the castle to life both through their historic clothes and interpretations of the historic persons who has lived here.

Night tour of the castle
This is one of our dramatized tours of the castle, performed in the late evening, in a castle only lit by electronic candles. The visitors may meet a king or a queen, the princess Cecilia or maybe a strange guard who tells the story of the castle and their own lives in a more vivid and dramatized way.

Power and love
The year is 1580. Katarina Jagellonica and king John III recently arrived at the castle. They bring the visitors through the halls of the castle and focus on tales of power and love. On this tour you get to taste, feel and experience the history in a vivid way!



The guided tours above are available in english for pre-booked groups, consisting of at least 10 persons, any time of the year. A few of the tours are available in other languages as well. Book at least one week in advance.

To learn more or to make a reservation send us an e-mail to office@visitvadstena.eu or give us a call at +46 143-62 16 00